All children from Year 3 to Year 6 have swimming lessons.


Swimming is part of the statutory PE component of the National Curriculum. All children are required to receive swimming lessons before they leave Primary School. The National Curriculum sets out minimum standards that pupils should reach.

Swimming is a life skill and contributes towards a healthy lifestyle. When?

Friday mornings in the Autumn and SpringTerms (Sept to Dec and Jan to Easter) starting Friday

13th September. Lessons are from 11.30am to 12.00noon.


Westgate Pool in Chichester.

How do they get there?

The children travel, accompanied by staff from school, in a coach. Seat belts are provided and staff ensure all children wear them.

Who teaches the children?

Staff from Singleton School and qualified pool staff teach the children in small groups, according

to ability.  All teaching staff are qualified to teach swimming as part of the PE Curriculum. Some, such as Mrs Turner, have ASA certificates or similar. The staff are often helped by parent volunteers – if you are willing to assist please contact the school office.

How are they taught

The children are split into groups according to their swimming ability.  Each group uses a different section of the large pool, depending on their ability (i.e. competent swimmers at the deep end, non-swimmers/beginners at the shallow end).

The adult-children ratio in each group varies, but generally the competent swimmers will have one adult teaching the group and the non-swimmers group will have more.

To start with, non-swimmers are taught to become confident in the water.

Once they are confident, they are encouraged to swim short distances and to float. As they grow

in competence, children are taught survival and distance swimming skills.

How much does it cost?

We have to pay for the hire of the coach and the pool we are invoiced at the end of the financial year. The cost usually rises every year and depends on how many sessions we take but it is always more than £1,000.  It does  NOT depend on how many children we take.  We have to pay for it even if some children are absent.

WE ASK FOR A CONTRIBUTION OF £35 PER CHILD PER TERM (£70 PER YEAR) TOWARDS THE COST. The remainder is paid out of funds raised by FROGSS. (If we did not use FROGSS money, parents would probably need to pay about £50 per term).  It is worth noting that this cost is significantly less than the cost of public lessons at the Westgate Centre (more than £60 per term)

 If you have more than one child in school, you may pay £35 for the older child and £30 each for the others.

What do the children need to take

All children need a swimming costume (one piece swimming costume for girls and trunks, not

shorts, for boys) and towel in a bag supplied by the school. We can usually supply armbands for the non-swimmers, but may ask for some if we don’t have enough.  Earrings should not be worn to school on swimming days and long hair should be tied back.

 It is advisable for children to have a coat, jacket or fleece to put on after swimming, especially in the Winter months.

What if my child is ill?

If a child is ill, they should not be in school. Minor illnesses such as colds and sore throats

should not prevent a child from swimming.  If they are bad enough to prevent swimming, the child should be at home. We do not have the staff to supervise non-swimmers.

If your doctor advises that your child should not swim for any medical reason, a letter from the

GP should be sent to the class teacher.

How can parents help?

 Encourage your child!  Help your child to gain independence when dressing and undressing. Try to dress your child in clothes/shoes with easy fastenings etc.

Take them swimming at the weekend/in the school holidays in order to gain confidence and practise skills.

Ensure your child remembers their swimming kit on Fridays. No earrings and long hair tied back.

 ·   Ask the class teacher you have any problems or worries.