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We work hard to have positive and respectful lines of communication between school and home. We actively encourage staff to talk with parents/carers at the end of the school day, to share positive news about their child's learning, as well as any concerns we may have. Equally we encourage parents/carers to share any concerns they may have with the class teacher or Headteacher, before they become a ‘complaint.’  There are usually 'solutions' to 'problems' and we are often able to solve issues quickly. 

All verbal communication between staff and families, must be of a respectful nature, tone and volume.  If needed, a further meeting will be scheduled to allow those involved time to reflect and improve the communication. We ask that any 'difficult or upsetting communication' is not carried out in front of any children or other families. 


We have clear guidelines to explain the formal process of raising a complaint in our Complaints policy. It is important to note that parents/carers are expected to initially raise a 'concern' with either the class teacher or Headteacher,  to ensure a full context has been understood and any questions fully answered.