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We are delighted to attach a copy of the latest Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools (SIAMS) Report from the Chichester diocese that graded Singleton CE Primary School as OUTSTANDING.


In the report it was noted:

  • Explicit Christian values understood and applied by all pupils, staff and governors underpin the outstanding Christian ethos of the school. 
  •  Collective worship and religious education, inclusive of biblical teaching, Christian values and major world faiths, strongly contribute to pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.
  •  The embedded partnership between the school, the home and the church are a significant strength in celebrating the school’s Christian faith foundation.

In the report it was suggested that we: 

  • Provide more structured learning experiences for pupils to engage more fully in the prayer life of the school through 
  • Develop the expertise of foundation governors so that they, supported by the whole governing body, develop a robust cycle of monitoring and reporting which evaluates the impact of the school’s Christian distinctiveness, including daily worship, on the development of the whole child.
Next Steps

We have identified the following as our next steps to improvement:

  • Introduce new prayers during House Team worship with older children supporting their younger peers
  • Schedule use of our Prayer Garden for each House Team during weekly House Team worship
  • Introduce  a 'Prayer Space Day' and community 'Prayer Board' 
  • Provide foundation governors with supportive monitoring questions and a modelled School Learning Walk
  • Arrange a visit for foundation Governors to a different school setting to provide benchmarking and ideas
Progress Made

Some progress has been impacted by COVID and the relevant restrictions. 

  • Year 5 made Worship Films to be shared across the school to lead worship
  • Prayer Space Day happened within classrooms
  • Foundation Governor had a Virtual Learning Walk with the Head and R.E. lead
  • Foundation Governor attended the Virtual training for the new agreed R.E. syllabus.