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The school's last inspection was on 25th and 26th April 2023  

Click here to read our latest report.

At this inspection, the school was rated Good in all categories, Good overall and Outstanding in Behaviour and Attitudes. 


The very first line of our report states: 

Pupils love being part of their school. They value the warm and welcoming greetings they receive at the school gate every day. "

We were delighted that the inspectors also commented on: 

  • Staff have high expectations for pupils’ learning and behaviour. These expectations are rooted in kindness. Pupils respond well to this caring approach and always behave extremely well.
  • Relationships across the school are exceptionally strong.
  • Leaders have designed an ambitious curriculum for all pupils. In every subject area, leaders identify and order what pupils need to learn.
  • Pupils’ communication and language development is prioritised in all teaching. Starting in early years, children are encouraged to speak in full sentences and use appropriate terminology.
  • Pupils learn to read well. All staff are trained to teach pupils how to read using a phonics-based approach. Reading lessons are engaging and pupils respond with enthusiasm and energy.
  • Across all subjects, teachers are skilled at checking pupils’ learning.
  • Pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND) are appropriately supported and achieve well. All staff know how to accurately identify pupils with SEND and provide the right support.
  • There are many occasions where pupils benefit from wider opportunities. They enthuse about their forest school sessions and how these develop their teamwork and negotiation skills.
  • Pupils are knowledgeable about difference and diversity. They describe equality and fairness as being important human rights.​​​​​​​
  • Governors are committed to the school in all aspects. They aspire to provide pupils with the best possible school experience.
  • Staff feel well supported and appreciate their regular training and development opportunities.



Ofsted identified two areas for the school to focus on:

  • Leaders need to ensure that the mathematics curriculum allows pupils to develop the accuracy and efficiency of their mental methods.
  • Leaders should ensure that these curriculum improvements are embedded so that gaps in pupils’ knowledge and skills are addressed
Next Steps
  • Maths fluency will be prioritised as part of the daily timetable 
  • purchasing and selecting new resources /program to support the teaching of Maths fluency 
  • continue to identify knowledge gaps using our curriculum structure