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The school's last inspection was on 17.12.19         To see the full report: Click Here

At this inspection, the school was rated as: Good


In the report, the ethos and the school's vision of children being 'nurtured and growing together' was noted.

  • 'Pupils are well cared for in this school. Staff have created a strong community feel where each child’s uniqueness is valued. Pupils are safe. They are happy in school. Pupils have many opportunities to mix with other pupils of different ages. They are very supportive of each other.'
  • Most parents and carers value the education their children receive at this school. One parent spoke for many, commenting that the school ‘has an amazing family atmosphere, with all the children looking out for each other’.
  • Pupils help develop the rules they are expected to follow in and around the school. Most pupils behave well. Pupils say bullying does not happen at the school. If they have any concerns among each other, pupils are confident that staff will help them resolve things quickly.
  • Leaders recognise each child’s individual potential. They expect pupils to achieve to the best of their ability.

Ofsted identified two areas for the school to focus on:

  • to plan the subject areas of the curriculum into logical steps to support children in building knowledge
  • to improve the systematic planning  and teaching of phonics to support children's reading and writing
Next Steps

As a school we  identified the following as our next steps for improvement: 

  • review/reflect on current curriculum model  to consider intent, implementation and impact on learning
  • review/research curriculum models to support thinking and development 
  • review/plan  curriculum content and sequencing for math and 2 foundation subject 
  • audit, review and purchase any necessary materials to support the implementation of phonics
  • assess and group children according to stage of phonic development
  •  develop a consistent, whole school  'plan, do, review' approach to teaching phonics and spelling
Progress Made
  • we now have a shared school vision, created by the entire community
  • we now have our own bespoke Growth Curriculum, developed from research, reading and experience
  • we now consistently use a Maths Mastery approach to teach maths across our school
  • we have looked in depth at history and art to provide working models for curriculum leads
  • we now teach phonics systematically using RWI using a full range of materials
  • children are now grouped and taught according to their stage and need
  • children are regularly assessed to ensure they receive the correct stage teaching and progress is monitored
  • the reading materials now match the RWI programme to fully support the teaching of reading