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Our Growth Curriculum

A Curriculum for Growth

Our curriculum reflects our vision, our school structure and our unique environment. The content of the National Curriculum has been carefully mapped into 12 half term themes, covering 2 years. Each theme brings together key concepts, skills and knowledge in Science, Geography, History, Art and Design and Technology.

Not all subjects will feature in each theme, but over the course of 2 years, the children will cover the content of the national Curriculum for their year groups or Key Stage and have opportunities to revisit key concepts to embed and deepen their understanding. Other subject content is taught discretely, though in English, relevant key texts will be carefully selected to enhance subject learning within a theme. 

Each year there are 2 themes which reflect our unique environment. We study the local woodland, village and River Lavant, coastline and city. These themes are studied at the start and end of each year and offer the opportunity for some whole school Educational Visits and shared learning.

Structure of Themes
Planting Week
  1. finding out what knowledge  the children already have through use of simple quizzes and mind maps
  2. planting the seeds of curiosity through a key line of enquiry or question
  3. providing children with their final 'flourish week' challenge
Growth Weeks
  1. growing the key skills and knowledge, from the children's starting points and engaging with experts, visits resources, and experiences to enhance and deepen their understanding
Flourish Week
  1. children responding independently to a final challenge which forms part of our summative assessments
  2. opportunities for children to demonstrate learning behaviours: resilience, team work, leadership, planning
  3. engagement with the wider community, sharing learning with families, governors, local schools, church. 
 Topic letters for each half-term are on the Class Pages under : Learning > Our Classes