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Our Vision, Mission and Aims

Our Vision

Growing Together   ♥   Nurturing Individuals to Flourish   ♥   Rooted by God's  Love 

      Our Mission     

To plant seeds of learning, within a nurturing and inspiring environment, where an engaging curriculum motivates ALL learners to flourish academically, personally and spiritually.

 Our Aims

Growing Together

♥  We work closely with the whole community, parents, local churches, schools and other professionals.

♥  We value our partners, show compassion for each other and create effective teams.

♥  We encourage cooperation and collaborative working in our school, locality and beyond.

Nurturing Individuals to Flourish

♥ We nurture individuals to flourish in confidence; academically, personally and spiritually, by providing a challenging, supportive, and creative learning environment.

We develop excellence in teaching and learning where ALL are motivated to acquire, deepen, share and celebrate their knowledge, skills and talents.

♥  We strive to provide a broad, balanced and engaging curriculum, reflective of our unique surroundings, which develops positive attitudes and aspirations for life-long learning.

Rooted in God’s Love

♥  We plan high quality collective worship and Religious Education, linking with a range  of Church Leaders to provide positive, strong role models to enrich the children’s experiences and understanding of Christianity and other faiths. 

♥ We  provide excellent opportunities for the pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development, underpinned by Christian faith, and throughout school life.

We encourage tolerance, love and respect through our teaching of Christian Values, underpinned by the Conventions of Children’s Rights