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Our Wider Curriculum

At Singleton, we are very proud and excited to have our very own bespoke Growth Curriculum, developed to reflect our vision and location and up to date research, reading and experience.

However, beyond our Growth Curriculum and National Curriculum we offer a wealth of opportunities to enable children to fully 'flourish' and be brilliant citizens for the future.

Forest School and Outdoor Learning

Research shows that learning in the natural environment has a positive impact on children's engagement with learning as well as their physical and mental health. We are very blessed to have the most AMAZING outdoor environment on our doorstep.  Every class has between 18 and 24 weeks of Forest School a year. This year this will be led by Chichester Forest School, alongside the teaching team, whilst we train staff within our school to become Forest School Leads. 

We hope this year to build a new Outdoor Forest Classroom on the school field, which will enable lessons to be taught outside in a very different environment. 

All teachers are required to plan at least 2 lessons each week from the curriculum (on top of P.E) to be taught in the outdoor environment.  Our school grounds are large and have a wide variety of opportunities within them. 

Rocking Reading 

We want the children in Willow Class to see the power and understand the importance of reading, as well as developing a love of literature. On Wednesday mornings the children in Willow Class will be able to read alongside their families at the start of the day before they are then introduced to a Mystery Reader who will share their favourite book with the children.

Tapping into Talents

The children in Year 3 and 4 have the opportunity every other week to explore the many talents which they or those in our community have. By 'tapping into talents' it is our intention to enable children to learn from others, increase self-esteem, open doors to new experiences, support children to maximise opportunities and encourage children to build lives with a sense of purpose, fun and positive wellbeing.

Primary Futures

The children in Year 5 and 6 have the opportunity every other week to explore the world of careers and work skills. Primary Futures is an organisation which helps primary schools to link to a wide variety of careers and possibilities. It is our intention to broaden children's horizons, challenge stereotypes and raise aspirations.  We want children to see how their education now is central to their future tomorrow. 

Pupil Responsibilities

Across the school ALL children are expected to contribute to their class community. We also look for opportunities for our pupils to contribute to the wider school community. It is our intention for children to see how they can positively impact the lives of others through simple responsibilities. For example, reception children are expected to maintain the front entrance of school with sweeping and gardening, whilst our Year 6 children are expected to lead the House Team meetings. 

Acts of Kindness

Research has shown that performing simple acts of kindness for others, can improve mental health and wellbeing. We want our children to be the type of citizens who actively seek ways to be altruistically kind to others.  Each term one class will be asked to perform an act of kindness within the community. In the summer term the entire school will get involved and let's just say.... the City of Chichester is in for plenty of kindness! 

Cool to be Kind Week

Every Autumn there is a national Anti-Bullying week. We are keen to flip this narrative. Whilst we acknowledge children need to know how to identify, prevent and stand up to bullying, we also want children to know the power of kindness.  From the 15th to 19th November the school will be on high alert for community members displaying kindness. 

Worship and Assemblies for Families

Across the year there are opportunities for families to gather as a community to celebrate and worship together. In 2020, unable to perform a Nativity to our families, we created our own version of The Nativity film to share with our wider community — it was a great hit!

Now able to bring people together again, we have planned a series of special events to invite families to, from Harvest in October to Valentine's Day with Willow Class leading a special assembly. We can't wait to see everyone back together in our school hall! These community moments are important for children to share as they learn to value participation, practice and performance and how this can bring people together. 

Reaching into our Community

As part of our planning, the team will look for opportunities within each theme to make community links. Last year Willow class raised money for Fairshare as part of their Food theme and Oak Class raised over £300 for British Heart Foundation as part of their 'Blood Heart' theme.

We also seek to support causes as an entire school, from the Reindeer Dash for Chestnut Tree Hospice to celebrating the NHS birthday and making cards for medical staff at St Richards hospital. 

Our intent is for children to see the difference they are able to collectively make, to the lives of others. 

GAS schools

Although we know that children from small rural schools always manage the transition to high schools very well, we also recognise the importance of providing opportunities for children to mix socially with children from other settings. 

The locality of schools has a long-standing history of bring pupils together for sporting events and gifted and talented workshops. 

On October 7th the pupils from Willow Class will travel to Boxgrove to meet the author Matt Carr and the pupils from Key Stage 2 at Boxgrove will spend the afternoon at Singleton meeting the author Ed Boxhall. 

Trips, Visitors and Residential

Across the year children in all classes will experience trips and visits to enhance the curriculum. Although this was very restricted last year, we were creative and brought Jorvik Viking Museum and the local farm virtually to the classrooms as well as a summer Visit by Willow Class to the local Weald and Downland museum.   The visits children make are intended to provide an opportunity to learn in a different environment and from adults other than those in school.  In October the entire school is off to West Wittering Beach for the final part of their learning about the Seaside!

We also welcome visitors into school to enhance all aspects of the Growth and wider curriculum.