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Who is in Willow Class?

Willow Class is taught by Mrs Radley, Mrs Halfacree  ( Mornings only for Y1/2) and  Miss Mitchell and Mrs Norris are our teaching assistants. 

The children in Willow Class are in:

Reception  (sometimes referred to as EYFS or Foundation Stage)

Year 1 and Year 2  ( sometimes referred to as Key Stage 1)

What do they learn?

The Reception children follow the EYFS curriculum which has 7 areas of learning. Their learning takes places indoors and in their Outdoor Classroom. Adults provide a rich learning environment with resources readily available for children to direct their own learning. Adults support, question and challenge children's learning, language and thinking so they are able to flourish and reach their full potential. There are also 'adult-directed' learning opportunities, which provide children with short focused tasks to introduce or practice key skills or knowledge. Once settled in school, the children have a series of National 'baseline assessments'. These are completed within six weeks of your child starting school. 

The Year 1 and 2 children follow the National Curriculum. This is broken into subject areas. English and Math are taught discretely in the morning. The foundation subjects are taught during the afternoons. The subjects are brought together under a theme which drives the learning over a half-term.  These themes rotate on a 2 year cycle. The children in Year 1 have a National Phonics Test in the Summer Term. The children in Year 2 currently have a National test in the Summer Term in Maths and Reading. 

Flexible groupings and learning

When children move between year groups, we know that there will be a period of adjustment and transition. Children have different needs and learn at an individual pace. With the children in a mixed age class, we are able to ensure that children receive the right 'diet' of opportunity, experiences and provision to the best suit them.